The Wedding Cake

Selecting a good wedding cake is very interesting part of the wedding planning. A special wedding requires a special cake. The perfect wedding cake is one that’s tasty as well as delightful for the senses. If you carefully select your baker, they can make creatively designed wedding cakes especially for your wedding. The cake can … Read more

Kids BBQ Menu

The Kids BBQ Menu is designed keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of kids. This Menu generally consists of sausages, bread rolls & butter, garden salad & condiments. Sausages are less spicy, tastier and made with good quality meat and cheese. These are served along with bread and butter. They can be further accompanied by garden … Read more

Deluxe Finger Food

Deluxe Finger Food is easy to take to any party venue. It is perfect for cocktail, wedding and Corporate Parties. Deluxe Finger Food such as Lemongrass Chicken, Roasted Salmon and Fresh Lamb Cutlets are suitable for any kind of party. Sometimes, an on-site chef can prepare the deluxe Finger Food for guests. By choosing good Deluxe Finger Food, … Read more


Gourmet word is used for all types of food and wine of refined taste, presentation and nourishment. Such foods include very good quality of meats, sauce, salad and exceptionally good wine. It is prepared by combining different types of small meals. These meals are very carefully selected to give the proper nourishment and superb taste. … Read more

Weekly Food Budget

A weekly food budget can help you in cutting extra costs on food items that sometimes raise unnecessary expenses. One important suggestion to avoid extra expenses is to shop wisely. These things can be used for a few months. Try to correctly figure out the quantity of all the essential items and then buy these … Read more


Antipasto is the first course of the traditional Italian meal. The meaning of “Antipasto” is “before the meal”. Traditional antipasto recipes include cured meats, olives, roasted garlic, mushrooms, various types of cheese and peperone (marinated small green bell peppers) etc. The marinated meats and mushrooms are made at home and further additional edibles are added … Read more

Gourmet Platters

A Gourmet Platter has food of the highest quality and flavour. It is well prepared, and presented in an artful manner. In this platter, different types of dishes are arranged beautifully. These platters may contain different types of food depending upon the culture and tradition of the occasion. Some common gourmet platters are Assorted Gourmet … Read more